Capitalism under the pandemic. Between cyclical disruption and a structural deepening of the neoliberal logic

Special report. The nation of economists. Economics in the face of public power (twentieth to twenty-first centuries) Vol. 2
Interview with Bruno Théret
By Isabelle Gouarné, Mathieu Hauchecorne, Agnès Labrousse, Emmanuel Monneau, Antoine Vion

This interview follows in the wake of those conducted with Nadine Levratto and Michael Zemmour published in the first volume of this special report. Bruno Théret, a macroeconomist and specialist in economic policy analysis, revisits the analyses he conducted with Bruno Jobert on the neoliberal turn in French public policies to analyze the policies implemented since Emmanuel Macron came to power, and the apparent disruption induced by the pandemic. He also discusses Robert Boyer’s latest proposals on the status of the “anthropogenetic mode of development,” as well as the future of federalism in Europe.

  • debt
  • currency-treasury
  • anthropogenetic model
  • federalism
  • digital capitalism
  • biomedical capitalism
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