Managing the economy during a pandemic

Special report. The economists’ state. The contribution of economic knowledge to the construction of the state as an economic actor (twentieth and twenty-first centuries)
Interviews with Nadine Levratto and Michaël Zemmour
By Agnès Labrousse, Isabelle Gouarné, Mathieu Hauchecorne, Emmanuel Monneau, Antoine Vion

As a continuation of the first part of this special issue, Politix wanted to look at the transformations in economic policy brought about by the Covid crisis and the ways in which they have affected the definition of the economic role of the State. For this first attempt to take a step back from current events, Politix has interviewed the economists Nadine Levratto and Michaël Zemmour. Nadine Levratto, a specialist in industrial economics, analyzes in particular the business support measures put in place during the health crisis, by reinscribing them in the longer history of French industrial policy since the 1960s. Michael Zemmour questions the employment protection measures adopted during the pandemic, based on his research on socio-fiscal policies.

  • Covid-19
  • economy
  • industrial economics
  • social policies
  • crisis
  • public policies
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