The setting up of a school guidance system in the wake of May-June 68: Between pedagogical renovation and conservative reflux (1968-1973)

By Paul Lehner

It was at the beginning of the 1970s that the system of school guidance that we know today was constituted. The National Office for Information on Teaching and Professions, New Guidance Procedures, and a status for guidance counselors were in fact instituted between 1970 and 1973. With them, information, dialogue, and consultation were placed at the heart of the school guidance system. Nevertheless, these achievements coincided with the reflux led by Olivier Guichard and then Joseph Fontanet. This article proposes to bring out the dynamics that preside over the integration of the criticism of arbitrariness, expressed in particular during the events of May-June 1968, in the conservative school policy in the early 1970s.


  • educational policies
  • school guidance
  • guidance counselor
  • social inequalities
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