The Goal of Gender Equality in the Implementation of the Employment Policy in Berlin

From Professional Diffusion to the Difficult Profane Re-appropriations
By Gwenaëlle Perrier

“Gender mainstreaming” is a method of promotion of gender equality goals carried out by the European Union, institutionalizing feminist approaches. To what extent has this method fostered the diffusion of gender equality goals in public policies, outside the boundaries of state feminism ? This article tackles this question by exploring the implementation of employment policy in Berlin during the 2000s. It shows that even if the work of some “gender mainstreaming advocates” has led to a certain institutionalization of the theme of equality in the employment sector, the re-appropriation of this goal by employment policy actors remains limited. This can be accounted for by the concrete modalities of gender mainstreaming implementation and by the existence of normative and cognitive resistances from the employment sector actors.

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