The Connections (in)Fruitful

Effects Differentiated by Conjugalities and Sexualities on the Political Professionalization of the Green Activists
By Vanessa Jérome

To reveal the loving and sexual relations of the political activists seems, in many respects, delicate. The analysis of the types of conjugalities and sexualities allows nevertheless to bring to light a part generally ignored by the logics which preside over the partisan selection and over the political careers. This approach allows to demonstrate first of all that in spite of their commitment in favour of the equality of the rights, the nominations reward most of the time green activists of relatively stable heterosexual couples. It also allows to insist on the role of the makers of lists in the reaffirmation of the normative strength of the heterosexuality and the dominant conceptions of the virility and the seduction, which are, at EELV as in the whole of the political arena, always widely legitimized.

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