The failure of an attempted political conversion in Morocco

The electoral defeat of the former "patron des patrons" (2001-2007)
By Myriam Catusse

The disappointments of A. Lahjouji’s recent electoral adventure are instructive in revealing the adaptable relationships between business politics. At the head of the employers union during the last decade, the years of economic liberalization, Lahouji reshaped the organization under the slogan of “civic business” and was the spokesman of the “entrepreneurs”. In 2000, he founded a political party, Forces citoyennes, ran for national election in 2002 and 2007 and lost, as did most the members of his party. This failed political experience stands in sharp contrast with the more successful electoral experience of other Moroccan businessmen and as a result raises questions about the conversion of entrepreneurial and corporative resources into political and electoral success.


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