Pragmatic Sociology: A User’s Guide

Current Debate
By Yannick Barthe, Damien de Blic, Jean-Philippe Heurtin, Éric Lagneau, Cyril Lemieux, Dominique Linhardt, Cédric Moreau de Bellaing, Catherine Rémy, Danny Trom


During the last thirty years, the researchers working within the orientation known as “pragmatic sociology” have produced a considerable amount of empirical investigations relating to all areas of social life. In accordance with the theoretical and methodological assumptions they intended to defend, they have developed significantly new ways to conduct their inquiries, to collect data, to explore their fields, to think through the cases and controversies they used as entry points to explore the social order and its always problematic reproduction. The aim of this paper is to characterize by highlighting ten points the pragmatic style in sociology and to specify what are its methodological requisites and practical implications in the conduct of research.
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