In place of politics

Special report
The paradox of the “politics of economization”
By Dominique Linhardt, Fabian Muniesa

Intended as an introduction, this article aims to highlight some of the lessons that stem from the different contributions that make up this issue on the “politics of economization”. Referring to the paradox that underlies this particular form of politicization, we draw attention to three analytical figures that are found in all the presented studies, though at varying degrees and through different formulas. According to this initial inventory, we address the politics of economization following three dimensions: (1) in the first dimension, they should be understood as a bypassing of politics; (2) in the second dimension, it is necessary to understand them in their opposition to politics; (3) in the third dimension, they are best understood as politics that are not spelled out as such. These three dimensions are referred to the concepts of “subpolitics”, “anti-politics” and “quasi-politics”; we propose a definition for each of these dimensions.


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