Entering the European research arena

Report: European Academia
The European Union Liaison Committee of Historians
By Morgane Le Boulay

If European policies in the area of historical research and teaching begin to be questioned, the mobilizations of historians within the community institutions rarely are. By studying the case of the European Liaison Committee of Historians, this article tries to point out its active role and to examine the interactions its members build with the European officers. Far from contenting themselves with replying to a request, these historians coming from the field of international relations take advantage of the affinity of their researches with the Commission’s view of the European construction to “enter the European area” and get a privileged access to the community archives and to the financial and symbolic resources (Jean Monnet Chairs, subsidies for Thematic Networks under the Framework Programs for Research and Technological Development and so on). These mobilizations take place in the context of intra and inter-disciplinary rivalries and are the subjects of permanent relationships of forces with the Commission officers.


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