“We will not go underground”

Entrepreneurs and politics in Tunisia
By Béatrice Hibou

"From the Tunisian case study, this article discusses the specific and circumstantial "“entry into politics” of entrepreneurs, and of a“politicization” of entrepreneurs. It argues that entrepreneurs are always political. Relations between entrepreneurs and politics cannot be reduced either to political games and the vicissitudes of political life stricto sensu, or to the process of political normalization. Entrepreneurs are always political because they find their way into power relations, they participate in conflicts and in compromises among actors, and they influence the balance of power and therefore shape politics. In authoritarian regimes as is Tunisia, not all strategies to accommodate the regime or distance themselves from it are political stricto sensu: the entrepreneurs do not fully approve or oppose the regime. However entrepreneurs partially approve and take into account constraints, personal interest and latent violence or the expression of dissatisfaction. By doing so, they are political in the general sense of the word, as their behaviors reflect positions, balances of power, strategies and perceptions that ultimately outline power relations."


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