Outlines of an Algerian administrative network and building of a competence in "Muslim Affairs"

Technical advisers in Muslim affairs in metropolitan France (1952-1965)
By Françoise de Barros

Some members of an administrative body especially devoted to the colonization in Algeria, the administrators of the civil services of Algeria, were sent to France during the 50's in order to advice the prefects in "Muslim affairs" in the regions where Algerians were increasingly immigrating. They built a "Muslim" competence in metropolitan France by shaping an administrative network closed on themselves, those they recruited at the head of the specialized associations, and Algerians. The specificity of their Algerian competence was maintained by trips to Algeria and by various places of training: those where the advisers were trainees and those where they were teachers, being thus recognized as specialists for anything affecting Algerians until 1965.

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